Ride Sharing



Venture On.

As the primary point of contact for customers of a Ride Sharing company, the mobile application needs to be simple to use, have a predictable interface, and appear professional. This Application, created for academic purposes, was built around the fictional company Zenith, a ride share company developed during my time as a Student at the University of Northern Iowa.


Zenith stakes its identity in exploration and adventure. The name Zenith comes from Astronomy. A "Zenith" is the point Directly over-head, it is unique to each individual person and has thematic ties to the night sky which was used for navigation for centuries. The imagery and color palate of the brand were chosen based around sailing and way finding. The blue was chosen to represent the Sea and the Gold was chosen to represent the navigational instruments used by sailors all around the world.

The logo for Zenith combines a Stylized Sextant, a tool used to measure star positioning and declination, and strong, futurist typography to create a modern identity for wayfinding and adventure.

Art Direction, Copywriting and Design by Philip G Adams

Logo transparent-08.png