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Fresh off of their first Men’s Curling Gold Medal at the 2018 Pyeonchang Olympics, USA Curling is in a prime position to act on America’s new found fascination with Curling. Creating a new, modern brand identity for USA Curling will help both the sport of Curling and the United States Curling Association to be seen as energetic, fun, and professional. Updating the current brand identity will improve the organization’s credibility and help USA Curling to better attract the attention of new members and fans.

Fast, sleek, strong, and modern

The new identity for USA Curling is sleek, strong, and modern. It displays the fun, exciting and inclusive nature of the sport while presenting it in a sophisticated manor that demonstrates the professionalism of the organization. The typography and logo were inspired by the iconic curling stone: heavy and solid while remaining fast and sleek. The colors were chosen to show patriotism to the red, white, and blue of the United States while maintaining a harmonious color relationship. The muted tones appear much more professional and are still visually pleasing.

blue shirt 2.png

Art Direction, Design, and Copywriting by Philip G Adams

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